Thursday, September 29, 2016

LeadPages: A Place for Advertisement

LeadPages has over a billion points of data, which allows you to sort the numerous templates by the highest conversion rate across their entire platform. Not only that, but you can filter the list by the type of page too. LeadPages is constantly updating and adding to the template library to make it easy to create any kind of marketing campaign funnels you'll ever need. With beautiful designs, proven performance and no guesswork, customizing a lead page is totally intuitive:

* You simply select a template by clicking on the area you want to edit.
* Replace text by just typing.
* Replace images by clicking a new one.
* Change colors to march your brand.
* Embed videos.
* Hide unused elements.
* Integrate the page with your email service provider by selecting your provider and a list to add people to from the drop-downs.

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