Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Massage Therapy in NewYork

Homespame is a  Spa that delivers therapeutic massage services and spa experience to the location of the client . The essence of  Homespame is to eradicate the hassles that people go through in Newyork when they need massage services and relaxing spa experiences. It was founded and is managed by a supermodel from Africa called Nelly Nandwa. Homespame is  a unique and prosperous corporate with very great potential of becoming the leading massage and spa service provider in the world. The management of the spa is driven by passion for the services the provide to their clients.Customer satisfaction is one of the major objective Spa which the massage therapists strive to achieve daily. Homespame delight in providing exemplary services to our clients; Massages, Body Treatments, Skin Care and Facial and Salon Services.

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