Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sky Community

There are several options available on the Sky website if you ever find yourself in need of assistance. Regardless of what specifically your question, concern, or issue may be, there is sure to be a resolution that can easily be found with just a bit of search efforts on the Sky website. And perhaps one of the best available places to find the resolution you are seeking falls under the Sky Community category!

If you have found yourself faced with a pressing question or concern ranging from a number of issues, be sure to head to Sky’s incredibly helpful website first and foremost. As more than likely you will be able to find all the information you are needing to find the exact answer that you are looking for. Whether you are a new or existing Sky customer, Sky makes it their goal to ensure that your needs can be met and all resolutions found in one simple and convenient location.

To get started, log on to the Sky website. If you are already a Sky customer, be sure to sign into your account before proceeding as an a tremendous amount more of information will in turn be unlocked for you to access that may in fact be specifically related to whatever you are seeking to find. Upon logging in to your account, or if you are not yet a Sky customer, just proceed with hovering over the Help & Support icon. From there, a drop down menu will be presented. If you look under the category that states Contact sky customer service number (with the Sky customer service number), you will see the icon which specifies the Sky Community page that you are looking for.

After clicking on Sky Community, you will then be redirected to the Sky Community webpage where you will find literally thousands of help topics that have been asked and resolved by people who are looking for the same answer and are also, or have also dealt specifically with what you are trying to get resolved. The best attribute of the Sky Community page is that everything is organised and laid out in a manner that is simplistic to understand, and easy to read/follow along. Topics are clearly organised, so that you can select the issue you are needing under the specific category. For instance, if you are curious as to why your Broadband may be running a little slower than normal or which broadband package may be the best fit your family’s needs and wants, just click on the Broadband & Talk category and from there you can scroll through hundreds of questions that have been recently posted and replied to with helpful solutions from other Sky Community members.

There is even an area that member can get together to chat about completely unrelated Sky topics in the Off Topic area. And also an area called Community Improvements, where Sky customers can voice their opinions to Sky about things they would like to see that can make Sky a better company as a whole!

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