Wednesday, August 9, 2017

naked ejuice

Naked 100 e-Juice line is created my schwartz e-juice and I would consider it a premium e-juice. It's $25.99 per 60ml bottle but if you enter "ejuice" at checkout it will knock 20% off your juice order.

It comes in only 60ml bottles and is available in 0, 3, 6, 12mg nicotine options. I'll be reviewing the 3mg version. It comes in a standard glass bottle with dripper. I have one complaint about the bottle that I have not experienced in another juice yet. The lids seem to be of cheaper quality than my other drip tops. They don't screw on securely, and when you try to tighten them they slip back to the first thread and can leak. I learned the hard way so pay attention!!!

The juices are all a 70vg/30pg mix

Now for the juice...

Lava Flow

I liked Naked 100 e-Juice the best of the line. It has a very nice smooth fresh/real strawberry flavor on the inhale and as you let out you get the mixture of pineapple and coconut layered in just right so they don't overpower the initial strawberry. Tastes like a strawberry pina colada! Not to sweet/candy like so I don't get tired of it and a smooth enough flavor I could vape it all day. The coconut gives it a milky/cream texture and flavor which was a big bonus for my palate.

Amazing Mango

Amazing mango was a close second. It has a very realistic mango flavor on the inhale i think it taste a lot like those "jumex" Mexican juices mango flavor. Very thick and pronounced. On the exhale you get a peach infused cream flavor which I did not care for. I couldn't really taste the cream that much(maybe a slight hint) and the peach was a super sweet candy peach flavor. I think they should have used a more fresh/ripe peach flavor. All in all it is a pretty tasty fruity vape just a bit too sweet for me to smoke all day. If you like mango you will enjoy this juice as that is the most pronounced flavor.

Green Blast

I am not a fan of melon flavored vapes but will do my best to be unbiased here. Inhale is a very nice cantaloupe/honeydew cross. Very realistic tasting and a light flavor so not too overpowering to the senses. Right when the inhale ends and the flavor really licks in you get a nice kiwi burst, again this is a very real sweet kiwi flavor not a candy flavor, like fresh kiwi. And as you exhale the kiwi blends with the melon and you get a little bit if an apple juice flavor mixed in. The apple is almost not noticeable and the melon really steals the show throughout. I would say if you live melons you could vape this juice all day as it is blended smoothly and none of the flavors are overly sweet.

All said, Naked100 gets my approval as a quality juice with good, realistic flavors and not to overpowering in any one category. I would recommend this juice!

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